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Alfa Sailing Yachts is a company that started the building of sailing yachts in 2002 and was established by George Brillakis and Stefanos Psarakis. Passion for the sea and sailing triggered the idea of building a Greek hand-made, solid and reliable yacht.


The first boat-model built by Alfa Sailing Yachts is Alfa 51.
Alfa 51
is an outstanding boat functionally designed by George Brillakis.


The company worked with Nikos Kondilopoulos in order to create water line and keel. The shipyard under the supervision of Stefanos Psarakis constructed Greek handmade and qualitative boat. Its handmade construction makes the boat easily and safely accessible to everyone and it is also easy to repair in case of damage.


Alfa 51 is a fast leisure boat with excellent sailing capacity even in the most difficult conditions. Moreover, it is a robust construction aimed for professional us, spacious interior and exterior and guaranteed long-term use and time value without problems.


Following the news in the field of sailing and the continuous demand for bigger sailing yachts our company constructed model Alfa 56.


Alfa 56 is an excellent and luxurious boat that meets the standards of a high expectations sailing experience and at the same time offers the opportunity of a safe and pleasant trip. The equipment used for both boats (Alfa 51 and Alfa 56) comes from the biggest houses of equipment.




George Brillakis                                                     Stefanos Psarakis

Technical Director - Designer                                                               Managing Director