YACHTING December 2002

In the 50 ft charters' section where the market seems to be oversupplied, Alfa Sailing Yachts tries to make a difference with its first model Alfa 51. Designed by G. Brillakis with bottom line and keel by N. Kondilopoulos is distinguished from rivals because of its strong construction, easy access to repair services and reasonable price. Six yachts have already been sold, the last on to Italy as Mr. Brillakis has informed me. Each new yacht is being improved in its details and those that had worked during last season had no problems whatsoever as he had stressed.


At its kiosk (?) Alfa presented also the draft plan of Alfa 34 a fast cruiser racer with moderate (?) lines. In this stage two interior editions are expected, fractional mast sales with full-batten main sail and keel with bulb, but the project is in a stage of development and we will be informed about its progress soon.